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Lodge renovations

Well 2020 was an interesting year, besides the obvious. We undertook our Lodge conversion, splitting up the building to separate retreat accommodation from our house build/extension. We moved out for 6 months when everthing was chaos (into the self contained flat of the lodge) and moved into the new house end of November 2020, with builders and painters still on site – yay exciting. May 2021 sees us moving on to complete the upstairs renovations for the retreat side. Lots of painting, insulation, ceiling linings and completing the new bathrooms and stairwell. Hoping to see this complete by the start of July. Seven rooms upstairs, will enable more single share rooms in the lodge – bringing our capacity back to 40 for the whole centre. Will keep you updated on completion date.


Autumn colour

We are in the full swing of autumn, leaves everywhere, drains running full of crystal clear water. Nice being toasty and warm inside.

Currently designing and pricing new paths around the main hall and the new entry to the chapel. Hopefully work will start in July with some new garden planting as well.


Thank you to a lovely website visitor to has advised me of some spelling and grammar errors on the site. Well spotted and now corrected.

Spring is also showing its early arrival, our cherry tree is in full bloom and our resident Tui is back and forth between this and the Puriri tree beside the kitchen, captivating those lucky enough to encounter him.


Heavy Rain brings flood

The big down pour Wednesday 15th July flooded Oratia stream and our lower fields. Big logs, trunks and debri are scattered across the large field and more of our sandy banks have eroded and been lost to mother nature. Simon’s lovely willow seat cut from a dead tree also was a casualty – it was big and heavy and about 2m above the bank, and it is now nowhere to be seen. The last time we had such a big flood was August 2008 the first year we were here.


New Site is live

We are actually live with the new website as of 6th July. The calendar page is up to date and hopefully all my spell checks have been done. Please let me know if you do find any. Our old site appears to have had a few that slipped through the cracks. I only found them when I was editing the content for this one and I was horrified that they had been up on the public forum for so long! OOoops. Big sorry about that, as it is one of the things that bugs me.